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Stakeholders Behind Lellissa

Software Company

The company that developed this solution specialises in software products exclusively for the healthcare sector.

Through their in-house research and scientific cooperation, they became the market leader for statistics-based quality assurance software in Austria. Their software is characterised by high practicality, robustness and flexibility.

Medical Provider

This software has been developed together with the expert team of one of the leading medical providers in Austria.

This software was implemented to match current needs of the nurse professionals working in the medical facilities. This was done through setting up interdisciplinary teams and sharing the expertise and know-how from the clinical setting.

Medical University

Lellissa has been developed also together with one of the leading and most prestigious medical universities in Austria.

The involvement of their expert team of researchers enabled this product to be superior also from the academic stand point.

Lellissa is winner of the Innovation Award of Upper Austria.

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